Hints for the Berlin visitor

I was asked about hints for visiting Berlin by someone who is planning to do so. Quite a few things came to my mind and I thought if I had a blog, this would be where the answer belongs. So now here we are, back to the topic:

Why visit Berlin

What reasons would I give for visiting my hometown? Well, I assume it is an interesting place to visit. It is still a place that is changing but also keeping its history. It is not especially picturesque in the classical sense, but therefore honnest, interesting and it has history. When walking through Berlin streets, you normally meet a mixture of old and new buildings: In general, everything here is build to last forever, but second world war and other changes had some impact on the landscape, so we end up with an intersting mixture everywhere.

Berlin is international. In case you are not European, you may try to get the all-of-Europe-in-six-days-experience – without leaving the town. At least for food it should work, maybe not for the weather…

And it seems like visiting Berlin is a hip thing to do today. Since the world cup people continue to talk English and other non-local languages in the streets.

There’s more to write about

  • Sights to see
  • Food to eat, Drinks to drink
  • Culture
  • History
  • Getting around
  • Out of town

but since there is much more to write than first expected, I better add more chapters to this report later instead of writing forever without ever publishing. Especially, because now it is time for me to leave the city for vacation!

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