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23c3 Notes (ii)

Januar 2, 2007

More notes from 23c3:

  • The Tor developers talked about improving the Tor network to better support getting through the great firewall of China.
  • In „Body hacking – you are the platform“ the intented audience learned what happens when you implant a magnet to your finger tip — and more.
  • Console hacking: No big sensations yet, but the wii is a very reasonable thing to buy for a lot of reasons.
  • Talks I missed, note to myself for watching the video recordings and reading the material: Unlocking FileVault, The worst part of censorship and Inside VMWare. Unofficial recordings (wmv) are available for most lectures already.
  • The guys who managed to provide real DVB-T service broadcast of all lectures (with licence! ‚Hey, we are on TV!‘) introduced DVB modulation and their device.
  • BTW, the infrastructure was overwhelming again. Of course there was a flawlessly working DECT network again, bring your own phone. World-wide dial in and out was possible. WLan worked reasonably okay, just one network device caused trouble because it was unable to handle more than 4096 clients.
  • EFF is a member of DVB, where they fight against Europe importing U.S. mistakes in DRM introduction.
  • German-spoken higlight: „Sie haben das Recht zu schweigen“ vom lawblogger Udo Vetter, der erklärte, was zu tun, ist wenn die Polizei wegen z.B. „Internetkriminalität“ die Wohnung durchsuchen möchte. Was haben wir gelernt:
    • Wenn die Durchsuchung richterlich angeordnet ist, dann lässt sie sich mit Formalismen höchstens verzögern, aber nicht verhindern.
    • Man ist nicht zur Mithilfe verpflichtet (z.B. Schrank aufschließen, Passwörter nennen) und sollte auch sonst besser den Mund halten.
    • Rechner werden in der Regel mitgenommen (bei Privatleuten zumindest), und kommen erst wieder, wenn das Verfahren abgeschlossen ist. Sprich: Neukaufen und Backups haben und getrennt aufbewahren.

    Das Publikum war auch sehr sachkundig („Also bei meiner letzten Hausdurchsuchung…“) und Rechtsanwälte haben ja sowieso ihren sehr eigenen Humor.

  • Powerpoint Karaoke war auch saugeil. The presentations were too bad to be true, but the organizers told they were all taken from the web without modifications…
  • I also bought a TV-b-Gone after learning its history.

23C3 Notes (i)

Dezember 31, 2006

First: It was a great event. The CCC managed to turn this nice but limited scope event into a real international congress (lectures exist as announced! starting on time! Even no indoor smoking) without messing up its atmosphere. The family just grew bigger.

(For comparison a story from a couple of years ago: A first time visting friend asked me when waiting for the start of a lecture whether lectures start at the full hours or quarter past. I was a little irritated, saying ‚uh, er, this is not the kind of event where such things are defined on such a fine grained level.‘ Well, now they are, and it certainely does not hurt.)

Some lecture notes Day 1:

  • I took part in project Sputnik, wearing one of their nice active RFID devices allowing to track all my positions for the four day event like 999 others did. Even with this mass of data not being associated with names, one could do pretty scary things:
    • If the surveillance was good enough, it should be possible to identify individual speakers because they had been the only onces on stage during their lecture.
    • You should be able to identify which beacons went to the women’s bathroom which unfortunately only sums up to a small fraction of the total visitors.

    The bunch of data shall be published in the next day, so you can come up with your own ideas of (mis-)use. The project was kind of alpha – hardware was ready in time, so software work in progress – so one might also want to play with the raw data and the position calculating algorithms.

  • I really like the concept of the lightning talks. A lot of times, 5 minutes are enough to spread the message, at least for ‚this is what we do and here is the URL for getting more information and you may talk with me later about this stuff‘. Plus, it does not hurt so much if a talk is bad or boaring because it is over in only five minutes. And the moderators turned this into a really amusing event.
  • One of the highlights: Rop Gonggrijp told the story of their successful campaign against voting computers in Netherlands: We don’t trust voting computers. There would be too much to write about this, just read their page with the great dutch URL, there is information in English and German available.
  • I am always a bit sceptical about  women and technology talks because these people are sometimes the worst in coming up with stereotypes. But I was interested to hear this women who writes for Wired and her way to adress the topic was adequate and entertaining. All her points are vaild, but still I am a little afraid some people might remember only the trouble factor of being the lonely female in technology, so I must add something positive here: I have never been asked the ‚girl-friend-question‘ at CCC.
  • The audio feature was good as in the last years, plus they showed one really amusing foto of Konrad Zuse handing over a self-made portait to Bill Gates. Even those who did not understand German liked the event for having seen this picture!

Two Birds

November 18, 2006

Hier in den USA ist ja alles ein wenig größer, Autos, Entfernungen, das durchschnittliche Körpergewicht usw.

Sehr nett, wenn sich das auch sprachlich wiederspiegelt. Hier tötet man keine Fliegen, sondern es heißt: This way, we can kill two birds with one stone.

Presseschau Fr

November 18, 2006

Headline 1 mit Fotos: Irgendwas mit A. football, trip to the national title game on the line Saturday

Headline 2: Military may ask $a27B for wars. Total cost likely to to Vietnam War

Headline 3: PS: More PS3s are on the way

Derweil zelebriert das Fernsehen die Hochzeit von Tom Cruise in Rom als Royal Wedding, mit täglicher Vor-Ort-Berichterstattung die ganze Woche lang…

Quality time

Oktober 6, 2006

„Nachtrag:“ I also managed to spend some quality time over there in California:


San Jose Museum of Modern Art, with exhibitions just like you expect them in the center of the Silicon Valley. San Jose Fleet Market, where every one talks Spanish, Portuguese or some Chinese.


The beautiful full-suspension mountain bike that made me go to the mountains instead of following my original plan of a geek tour through the ‚valley‘. (No, it’s not a kid’s bike, it’s a big tree.) The mountains that I already longed for all week seeing them in distance through the office window. Alumn Rock.


Spend the last week end visiting a friend in freaky Berkeley. Golden Gate Bridge which is really plain sexy so that I just couldn’t resist getting close next day. Wonderful bike tour to Sausalito and back by ferry. Very easy, we just had to pick up the bikes at Fishermen’s Wharf and off we went.

Advertisement break

September 18, 2006

I must admit: This is really cool. Though I am aware I am doing advertisement now. It is for Lufthansa.

I am blogging from the air plane.


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— ping statistics —
40 packets transmitted, 38 packets received, 5% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 563.480/840.769/1433.589/220.835 ms


Let’s see what happens when my battery power is gone…

Hints for the Berlin visitor

August 8, 2006

I was asked about hints for visiting Berlin by someone who is planning to do so. Quite a few things came to my mind and I thought if I had a blog, this would be where the answer belongs. So now here we are, back to the topic:

Why visit Berlin

What reasons would I give for visiting my hometown? Well, I assume it is an interesting place to visit. It is still a place that is changing but also keeping its history. It is not especially picturesque in the classical sense, but therefore honnest, interesting and it has history. When walking through Berlin streets, you normally meet a mixture of old and new buildings: In general, everything here is build to last forever, but second world war and other changes had some impact on the landscape, so we end up with an intersting mixture everywhere.

Berlin is international. In case you are not European, you may try to get the all-of-Europe-in-six-days-experience – without leaving the town. At least for food it should work, maybe not for the weather…

And it seems like visiting Berlin is a hip thing to do today. Since the world cup people continue to talk English and other non-local languages in the streets.

There’s more to write about

  • Sights to see
  • Food to eat, Drinks to drink
  • Culture
  • History
  • Getting around
  • Out of town

but since there is much more to write than first expected, I better add more chapters to this report later instead of writing forever without ever publishing. Especially, because now it is time for me to leave the city for vacation!